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Acurra provides reinsurance broking services on various treaty and facultative risks.


We are committed to cater the best suited coverage meeting our clients’ need in mass, as well as niche markets. Ranging from risk analysis, risk management, placements to claims handling, we endeavour to deliver the finest solutions to our clients.

Aviation & Aerospace

Our placement services are available for aircraft hull and spares all risks, total loss only or ground risks only cover, packaged with liability risks, war risks and deductible buy-back cover depending on your requirements.

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Besides reinsurance placements for aircrafts, we also cater placement services for airport property risks, liability risks such as hangar keepers’ liability, airport operators’ liability and other liability risks. Employee benefits programs for airlines staffs such as medical, personal accident and loss of license cover are also available for pilots and aircrew.

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Marine Cargo & Vessel

With our expertise in global maritime insurance, we are able to provide flexibility in our reinsurance placement services on risks related to cargo, vessels and liability.
Generally, we cede out marine hull,...

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marine cargo, protection and indemnity and other marine liability risks, war risks and other forms or cargo related insurances such as specie risks, inland transits, stock throughputs and many more.

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Energy & Power

The energy industry is very challenging, as it encompasses a vast range of intricate and impactful risks. We provide reinsurance services on the wide array of coverages relating to this industry, for onshore and...

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offshore energy, power generating plants and utilities.

Our services ranges from the construction of plants, to the operational and liability, covering all risks including machinery breakdown and business interruption for both renewable and non-renewable plants.

Some of the other solutions that we can provide are reinsurance coverage for subsea cable projects and transmission & distribution lines.


Protecting businesses or homeowners against material damage to property insured due to fire, theft, lightning, storm, tempest and other perils, also the consequential loss resulting from the material damage.

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We handle property insurance of various industries; such as public facilities, commercial buildings, manufacturing factories, shopping malls, residential units and many more.

Engineering & Construction

The uniqueness of each engineering project contributes to the wide range of risk exposures to each party involved in the projects.

To mitigate risks in this sector, we are able...

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to provide placement services for construction and/or erection all risks, liabilities, civil engineering completed risks, inherent defects or decennial liabilities, standalone bond insurances and other engineering related insurances.

We do not have restrictions on our placements on any types of engineering projects; we are able to place highways and high-speed rails, oil and gas, power, mining, manufacturing and onshore or offshore infrastructures and other engineering related risks.

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Terrorism & Sabotage

Terrorism threats have been in the rise globally, putting businesses at menace against property damage and business interruption. We provide reinsurance placement for packaged or standalone risks pertaining to terrorist...

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attack, sabotage, political violence, war and civil war risks, riots, strikes and civil commotion, ensuring business continuity.


Our team has experience in placing all sorts of liability risks protecting institutions, non-profit organizations, healthcare organizations and other businesses against the risk of personal injury and property damage...

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to third parties. Some of the liability risks that we work on are professional indemnity risks, general public and product liability, medical malpractice, employers’ liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, public offering of securities insurance and many more.

Extended Warranty

One of our expertise include extended warranty programs; whereby we provide reinsurance services to structure extended warranty programs so that consumers can enjoy an extra peace of mind by extending the original...

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manufacturers’ warranties for cars, household electronic appliances and equipment and/or return to invoice values for vehicles.


Besides the typical reinsurance products readily available from the market, we can render our service on the risks from other niche products such as Blanket Bankers Bond (BBB), commercial crime risks, cyber risks, trade credit risks and etc.

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